Correlation between Body adornments and Home decor

Muralists, artists, interior decorators and architects alike understand that decorated rooms become a direct reflection of individuality, self, and holistic personality. As a society, we decorate and ornament ourselves and our environments in parallel with our own bodies and clothes, cultures and preferences. This is not a new phenomenon; prehistoric humans also mark their walls with paintings and murals. This reveals that the need to adorn our shelters remains to this day, a powerful impulse second only to the desire to adorn our own bodies. Psychologists imply that the home is the last refuge of individuality and another projection of ourselves. No matter what the residence is whether it’s an ancient cave, an apartment, house or mansion, home has always been a  place of refuge. It is imperative that the space you inhabit exists as a reflection of your personality, taste and style.

Interior design, wall/ceiling murals and decor succeed in adjusting your mood and affecting your thoughts via your surroundings. By plugging into ancient and instinctive reactions to our environment, the images chosen by a person for his wall and ceiling art can calm a person or excite them. Historically, early cave markings were most commonly that of images of the animals and plants around and were even then directly linked to personality. The conclusion would be that contemporary homes too are indeed a projection of ourselves. The home is a place where we see and freely express the facets of our character mirrored in the objects with which we have surrounded ourselves. Also, adding decorative pieces such as murals, art works, tapestries or wall accents that are directly linked to your cultural background can be amazing conversation starters, or even a reason to host a get together to show off new pieces that you acquired. If you allow culture to weave into design through color palettes, art work and murals or symbols with accent pieces, you would find that those aspects of your beliefs that you hold close are visible throughout your home’s interior as well.

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