History of Walls and Ceiling Decoration

Man has always had the inherent need to decorate his living space with art. Historically, everything from the ancient cave paintings to modern mansions and lavish palaces have one thing in common- the presence of wall and ceiling decoration. The question that then arises is why exactly did they do it? Was it a need to be creative, … Continue reading “History of Walls and Ceiling Decoration”

Correlation between Body adornments and Home decor

Muralists, artists, interior decorators and architects alike understand that decorated rooms become a direct reflection of individuality, self, and holistic personality. As a society, we decorate and ornament ourselves and our environments in parallel with our own bodies and clothes, cultures and preferences. This is not a new phenomenon; prehistoric humans also mark their walls … Continue reading “Correlation between Body adornments and Home decor”

Why do we want to decorate our Walls and Ourselves?

An individual’s self-perception is a representation of what others see, reflecting the image as perceived by the individual. When worn to show economic status, the items are often either rare or prohibitively expensive to others. This gives a person the feeling of adorning an elite status symbol.  These adornments are usually vibrant, colourful, and worn to … Continue reading “Why do we want to decorate our Walls and Ourselves?”

Colour as an Extension of Our Personality

Color, pattern, lighting, and spatial arrangement appeal to the eyes and design an area to create a colorful and relaxed space. Our lives are awash with memories, and the home is essentially a museum of comfort where all these memories can be cherished and gathered and displayed This is why it is so important for … Continue reading “Colour as an Extension of Our Personality”

Cave painting

Some of the earliest known wall art is found in the Lascaux caves in France and are approximately 17,000 years old and the oldest cave paintings from the Paleolithic era are possibly 35,000 years old. Australia has cave/rock painting dating an astonishing 40,000 years old! These cave wall decorations depict the world around the people … Continue reading “Cave painting”